Helpful Links

The following links are for anyone looking to develop their job skills, or hunting for employment opportunities.

ToolPreviewDescription Link/Download
Career Profile BuilderA tool designed by Youth Guarantee to help youth plan current and future study options Profile Builder
CV Builder Created by Careers NZ to help youth create and/or update their CV CV Builder
FindMyPath Another helful resource provided by Youth Guarantee that is designed to help young people make informed choices about study and employment pathways by showing young people what they can do if they are interested in further study or careers in particular vocational pathways FindMyPath
Gateway Videos In collaboration with Wairarapa Workforce Development, these videos look at the opportunities that arise for both employees and employers, when they link up through the Gateway programme.Gateway Videos
Getting involved with our 'Licence to Work' programme Ran in collaboration with YETE for potential employees who want to enhance their working skills in a safe, youth-friendly environment Licence to Work
Māori Futuremakers A engaging facebook page created by Māori Future Makers to encourage youth to aim for higher levels of education, training and employment. Māori Future Makers
Occupation Outlook 2017 Created by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE); a free-to-download app that provides information on over 100 occupations in New Zealand and what they entail (study pathway & fees, career option, income and job prospects)Occupation Outlook 2017
YouthHubA hub for youth to showcase themselves to potential employers by creating an interactive profile that allows youth to discover endless amounts of opportunitiesYouthHub
Wairarapa Youth Services and Information A quick reference flyer for young people to use to find information and youth services in the Wairarapa Youth services for young people in the Wairarapa
'Where to from school' ebook‘Where to from school’ is an ebook created by Careers NZ, to help young people make decisions from secondary school to tertiary into workplace learning.Where-to-from-School-ebook

Job Hunting Sites

Links to help young people find potential jobs/work opportunities in their chosen areas.
 PreviewDescription Link
Teen JobsA free, easy to use website that connects employers and households looking for employees/ helpers to teenagers looking for employmentTeen Jobs
Grad New Zealand A site that helps students find the right job, internship and/or programme for them Grad New Zealand
Drake Masterton LtdA job search agency located in Masterton where youth can go in and seek available job opportunities in the Wairarapa region. Drake details
Government JobsProvided by the Department of Internal Affairs as another avenue to search for job and career opportunities in New Zealand Government Jobs
Kiwi Recruitment Wairarapa A locally owned job agency that encourages young people to walk in and seek work opportunities in the Wairarapa.
Contact: Razi McDonald

(06) 3702400
(027) 7478844
450 Queen St, Masterton
Seek NZAnother search engine which not only covers jobs in New Zealand but also Australia Seek NZ
TradeMe (Jobs)A New Zealand owned online search engine that allows young people to narrow their job searches to what they may be looking for (nation-wide) TradeMe Job search
Student Job Search A site for tertiary/graduate students who want to earn more money and experience through opportunities available nation wide. Student Job Search
Wairarapa Volunteer Centre. A fantastic volunteering organisation that can give young people valuable work experience and skills to carry into future job opportunitiesWairarapa Volunteer Centre
Youth Kinex Another local organisation that provides a range of support for youth in the Wairarapa. There is also a a centre for young people to visit:

392 Queen St, Masterton – drop in Mon & Fri 2-5pm
Youth Kinex
R2R (Rangatahi to Rangatira) A locally ran community youth group (aimed at 12-24 yrs) that provide a hub of resources to encourage youth to take part/ be a part of their local community. The group also run fun events and leadership workshops R2R
YETE FacebookA linking page that advertises jobs/work opportunities for youth on behalf of other organisations/businessesYETE Facebook
'Jobs available and seeking in the Wairarapa' (Facebook page) A local facebook group that advertises job/ work opportunities and enables you to advertise yourself for work.

COMING SOON: Our 'How to advertise yourself on online job pages' guide to ensure you get the most out of your post!
Link to Facebook page