The Rangitahi to Mahi Partnership programme is proving a great success. Want to be involved?

Download the guide from the Employer Resources Page 

This partnership proposes both a short and long term strategy designed to develop, strengthen, and grow our community. The key focus is to improve transitions for young people from education to employment and in so doing improve: young people’s work readiness; businesses readiness for young people (including those from cultural diversity); the ongoing supply line of skilled labour for local businesses; and the subsequent reduction in social costs associated with dependency and poverty.

The key outcomes expected from this partnership include:

  • The provision of meaningful, relevant and contextualized learning pathways beyond the classroom
  • The provision of an ongoing supply line of experienced and skilled young workers
  • The provision of work ready and adult-world ready youth
  • Improved capability by business to manage and promote the potential of youth
  • Better local communities via improved personal, social and economic development …