Hoskins Energy Systems

Hoskins Energy Systems

Construction & Infrastructure, Manufacturing & Technology

Hoskins Energy Systems has been delivering renewable energy solutions for 22 years. The team believe in quality design, materials and workmanship and in a custom-made approach to every job. They work across domestic, industrial and commercial projects in both traditional electrical installation and maintenance as well as renewable systems.

Engagement Level 1

Business Visit

Visit a business and take a tour of their premises

Business Presentation

Present to a small group of youth either at school or in your workplace about your business and its opportunities

Career Discussion

Host and engage 1 or more youth in a discussion around job opportunities and career progressions in your business

Business Induction

Receive an in-depth business induction in a business you have a real interest in

Engagement Level 2


CV Writing Advice

Receive assistance from an employer to develop your CV


Interview Coaching

Learn effective interview techniques and skills with guidance from an employer


Youth Mentoring

Provide another young person with mentoring regarding becoming work ready and developing life long employability skills

Engagement Level 3


Job Shadowing

Shadow an employee for an appropriate period of time in their business

Skills Review or Feedback Session

Receive objective and useful feedback to improve your work readiness skill set (either as a one-off or ongoing arrangement)

Engagement Level 4

Please note: volunteer/work placements designated with an asterix * tend to lend themselves well to the License 2 Work (L2W) programme. This is encouraged by YETE. For further information about L2W is available here.


Short Term Tasters

Attend a one-off work experience opportunities in a business e.g. half day/full day/two days

* Rangatahi to Mahi (R2M) – (youth to work)

Attend a placement for 1/day/week over a minimum of 5 months for youth with a business that you have a strong interest in. This placement includes License to Work (L2W) and the possibility of full or part time employment at the end of the placement.


If you’d like to take advantage of any of the opportunities seen below, please contact Hoskins Energy Systems directly, or use the Contact Form below!

Hoskins Energy System - Opportunities Application Form


Thomas Hoskins
Phone: 027 481 1832
Email: hoskins.thomas@gmail.com

Website:  www.hoskinsenergysystems.co.nz

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