Are you a Youth Friendly Employer?

Youth Friendly employers have …
  • A history of, or are currently, employing at least one young person
  • Employee mentoring
  • On-job and ongoing professional development and training
  • Comprehensive Induction processes
  • Soft skills and life-skills development such ascommunication, time management etc
  • Constructive support systems to young people
  • Clear performance expectations of the job
  • A culture where it is ‘okay to ask questions’
  • Clear messages about the values of the organisation and the role the young person will play in contributing to the success of the business


Youth Friendly employers support the development of young people by
  • Offering opportunities for youth to become more “employable” (e.g. business walkthrough, skills reviews & work experience)
  • Recognising the needs, rights and views of all young people in the work of our businesses and organisations
  • Seeing young people in the context of their families and whānau, and community
  • Providing work experience which provides opportunities for skill acquisition
  • Building partnerships with relevant government departments


What are the benefits of YETE for Youth Friendly Employers?
  • Promotion on the YETE website and social media
  • Access to potentially enthusiastic young people wanting to work in your industry
  • Connection with schools, educational and training organisations to ease the process of recruitment and employment
  • Networking opportunities with other Youth Friendly businesses and organisations
  • Community recognition– Knowledge that you are doing something about this issue
  • Developing skills in mentoring and teaching young people work readiness & and employability skills
  • Support through the Licence to Work Programme (L2W)

Get involved by:

  • Signing up to YETE as a Youth friendly business (click here to view form) 
  • Attending Employer Workshops
  • Participating in the Licence to Work programme 
  • Agreeing to be part of a Rangatahi to Mahi (R2M – Young person into work) partnership
  • Participating in Quickfire Connection Events providing young people with much needed practice in interview skills